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  • Our Story

    How It All Started


    In The Beginning

    They say the lands of Africa are the most fertile in the world. If you plant anything anywhere in Africa it will grow.


    This is something that happened in October 2014, when my daughter Makaylah; who was 9 at the time; and myself (Davis) journeyed to Africa, for the first time. Whilst out there, we both planted our essence in Africa. When we returned to the UK from The Gambia, 9 year old Makaylah, became an author of a book called "My First Trip to The Gambia."


    Her father, on the other hand, returned with the vision of launching a Rites of Passage experience for young boys who needed to experience Manhood. Months later, the multi award winning, Manhood Academy for Boys was birthed.


    A special thank you to Mr Hughie Rose and Mrs Angela Rose from AG Associates who coordinated both trips to The Gambia. AG Associates, and AG Tours, we look forward to taking many more trip with you in the future.


    "Heal the boy and the man will appear"

    12 Days In The Gambia

    The Vision Fulfilled

    After hard graft and heavy lifting (2015 - 2018) On the eve of Christmas 2018, The Manhood team lead by Davis Williams and Albert Mada took 14 teenage Londoners to West Africa, on a historic ‘Rites of Passage’ experience, where they went to experience the same thing as Davis, Makaylah and countless others, who have ~dipped their toes~ on Africa's fertile ground.

    This rites of passage to The Gambia was historic, life-changing and transformational. Africa had planted its revolutionary seeds of change within the psyche of these 14 teenage boys. We patiently await the harvest.


    Africa also planted its revolutionary seeds of change within Manhood Academy. That change is now known as M.A.G (Manhood Academy Global).

    Introducing Manhood Academy Global

    Acting Locally, Impacting Globally

    On our return from The Gambia in January 2019 there were major changes. The personal behind Manhood Academy changes as we shifted towards a more GLOBAL VISION.


    On the 23rd February 2019 M.A.G was born. This life-changing expansion had to be done because we wanted to further ensure that our children are exposed to a global platform.


    Africa is a continent for the future. Africa and the world are the ideal places for our children, to become not only men but to connect them to the robust and unexplored wealth that this planet has to offer.


    We want our children to become ethical leaders that not only think and act locally but for them to make inspire globally.


    Thank you to all who have supported Manhood Academy for Boys, over the years. M.A.G, now looks forward to developing healthy and progressive relationships, in the months to come.