Soul and Sound and Manhood Academy present...


    Black History Month Fundraiser


    Soul and Sound and Manhood Academy present...


    Black History Month Fundraiser

  • A Multi-Award Winning African Centred

    Rites of Passage Experience

    The MANHOOD ACADEMY for boys


    The MANHOOD ACADEMY for boys is a community based company committed to offering young men between the ages of 8 - 12 years (pre-teens), 13 – 19 years (teens) and 19 - 25 years, life changing transformational workshops.


    This programme is 100% focused on helping our young people (8-25year olds) make the challenging transition from adolescence to adulthood.


    Our unique ‘rites of passage’ programme is a fusion of mentoring and transformational coaching encompassing:

    • Transformative workshops.

    • Mentoring - which includes ensuring our young leaders receive intensive one-to-one life coaching and support from volunteers and coaches.

    • A life changing ‘Coming of Age’ rites of passage ceremony.


    Through our ‘rites of passage' programme we:

    • Teach our boys about manhood

    • Expose our young leaders to images of positivity and responsibility.

    • Become more empathetic towards community issues, encouraging them to become active and responsible citizens.

    • Create tangible goals that are in direct relation to their value system, passions and expectations.

    • Understand their most powerful weapon is at their disposal; and having the ability to communicate effectively is the key to unlock that power

    • Better understand themselves and the world around them.

    • Respect and practice materialising their dreams, future and their potential.

    • Understand that with confidence and a powerful sense of self, they have won every battle, even before they have started. We want our young leaders to be balanced.

    • Have a vivid vision of what they want from life and the steps necessary to get there; we want our boys to become unstoppable, focused and iconic!


    Our Guiding Principles and Values


    The MANHOOD ACADEMY for boys work embodies a set of principles and core values . These values are important because they ensure that each member of our movement, from frontline staff to volunteers, trustee members and even our young people are required to be examples of these fundamentals principles and values:

    • Compassion

    • Professional conduct

    • Empowerment

    • Responsibility

    • Authenticity

    • Bold leadership

    • Transformation

    Walk into any one of The MANHOOD ACADEMY for boys programmes and you will see these core values being demonstrated every day.


    The MANHOOD ACADEMY for boys ensure that the support we offer families and the way we execute our vision is underpinned by these five guiding principles, which are fundamental pillars the Manhood is held up by:


    Our 5 Guiding Principles and Fundamental Pillars


    1) Synergy

    We are outstanding team players, committed to ‘One Vision’ that we are all responsible for.


    2) Integrity (responsible for your word and truth)

    The process of being whole and complete in: principle actions, words, decisions, methods, outcomes and character. We bring the same 'us' wherever we are, regardless of the circumstance we don’t leave parts of ourselves behind. We don’t have a ‘work us,’ a ‘family us,’ and a ‘social us.’ We are 'us' all the time.


    3) Transformation

    The origin of an original kingdom of possibilities hitherto experienced. Being present to a new nature, condition, function, disposition, heart, character, life etc.


    4) Inspiration

    To move, touch and excite the mind, emotions or spirit to a high level of feeling conveyed through action. Move or stimulate the intellect or emotions to a degree that prompts action, invention and creation.


    5) Introspection

    The act of self-reflecting, by way of looking inward, to identify challenges and create solutions. An examination of one's own thoughts, emotions and feelings by observing one's own inner state is the principle we live (Anything I see wrong with you, I will go fix it myself until the world becomes beautiful).

    These principles articulate the ‘The Manhood Academy' and help define “who we are” as an organisation. Together, these values and principles underpin The Manhood Academy's culture.


    They are our belief system and define our ‘way of being'.


    Our Vision

    ‘Building Leaders of Tomorrow for the World of Today’


    Mission Statement
    To nurture, through a ‘Rites of Passage’ program, the evolution of our ‘Boys to Men’ through social, emotional, economic and spiritual guidance, under the wings of ‘The Manhood Academy for Boys’.

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  • Train to become a Rites of Passage Workshop Facilitator 

    "So you are in a room full of boisterous teenagers who society has written off. You are caring, passionate and want to influence their future for the better. You have one hour to deliver something amazing - what do you do?


    ‘Building Leaders of Tomorrow for the World of Today’

    The MANHOOD ACADEMY for Boys

    Boys are Born MEN are Made

    • Working with young boys aged 8-19 years
    • In schools, youth centres and prisons etc
    • Primary School and Secondary Schools
    • Psycho-social Approaches 
    • We target ALL young people (from talented and gifted to those in care)
    • Group workshops
    • Mixed workshops also available in partnership with Womanhood Academy 


    Empowering the village to raise a child

    • We deliver transformational workshops for parents, carers and professionals
    • Parents receive support and guidance 
    • We work with other progressional and cross-refer when necessary 


    (our sister programme)

    Nurture a Girl, Raise a Nation

    • Working with young girls aged 8-19 years
    • In schools, youth centres and prisons etc
    • We target ALL young people (from talented and gifted to those in care)
    • Group workshops
    • Mixed workshops also available in partnership with Manhood Academy

    1-2-1 Intensive Coaching and Support

    "Surround yourself with others on the same mission as you"

    • We deliver 1-2-1 intensive support to young people. 
    • We mentor and coach young people towards their purpose 

    19+ Support

    • We work with young people up until 25 years of age 
    • Support and guidance 
    • Manhood Training and positive masculinity 
    • Peer empowerment 

    The Liberated Heart Volume 1

    Liberated Hearts is a compilation of anonymous letters, poems & conversations from sons to their fathers & from fathers to their sons.​

  • Module 1: Earth

    Module includes: Core values, health & nutrition, hygiene, law, identity, survival skills, values, beliefs, agriculture, goals, commitment, boundaries, passion and purpose. This module ensures that our youth have a strong solid foundation.


    'A Tree With Strong Roots Laughs In The Face Of The Storm.'

    Module 2: Fire

    Modules Include: Identifying feelings, conflict resolution, Anger management, passion and pain, raw truth, movement, sound, trauma and redirection. This modules ensures that our youth are aware of the difference between passion and anger and encouraging them to channel this amazing force in the right direction


    "Sky Above Me. Earth below me. FIRE WITHIN ME"

    Module 3: Water

    Modules Include: Behaviour, transference, healing, meditation, visualisation, movement, calmness


    This modules ensures that our youth are aware of coping and behavioural strategies


    'Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless like Water

    Bruce Lee

    Module 4: Air (Our next cycle)

    Modules Include:

    Attitude, elevation, enterprise, legacy, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, chess, mindset, leadership, economics and prosperity


    This modules ensures that our youth are mentally ready and focused on creating their legacy


    "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful"

    Eric Thomas

    Module 5: Rites of Passage

    Our cultural exchange is a program that allows participants to learn in another country for a period of time (Terms and conditions apply)

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